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In London, cycling is both a popular mode of transportation and popular sporting activity. For cyclists looking to get more out of the cycling experience, Totally Sporty has researched the top cycling clubs in London to determine which clubs offer the most events and activities and best coaching, training, cycling routes and social atmosphere. Cycling as a group is a great way to become more involved with the sport and improve riding techniques.

Best all-around cycling club—Kingston Wheelers

The Kingston Wheelers are not just the best cycling club in south London, but one of the top clubs in all of London. Known for their dedication to weekly cycling ventures, the Kingston Wheelers can be found every Thursday evening and Sunday morning cycling through Kingston and Surbiton, with a popular route including Richmond Park.

While the Kingston Wheelers are not the largest cycling club in London, their friendly atmosphere and willingness to reach out to all cyclists from all abilities provides a fun cycling experience. Many experienced members are willing to provide training advice and assist with set-up and improvements to members' bikes.

Kingston Wheelers offer many opportunities for cyclists who thrive on competition. Members of the club regularly participate in road racing and time trials to get more out of their cycling experience.

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Most competitive club—London Dynamo

London Dynamo is the most versatile cycling club in London. Members of the Dynamo regularly partake in all forms of cycling, such as road racing, mountain biking, time trials, Audax, and sportive cycling, at the recreational and competitive levels. The club also completes three weekly rides on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays.
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Most active club—Brixton CyclesClub

Brixton CyclesClub regularly competes in cycling races across the United Kingdom and is affiliated with the BCF, the BCCA, RTTC, Surrey League, and Eastway Supporters League. Non-competing members receive access to top cycling trails and paths in the greater London area, and the club completes regularly weekly rides together.

Best for beginners—Edmonton Cycling Club

Edmonton Cycling Club is a recreational cycling club with focuses on the leisure and social sides of cycling. Rather than intense competition routes focused on training, Edmonton's cycles take place on quiet back roads, such as in the Hertfordshire countryside. Cycling routes are usually divided into two categories: shorter rides for families and beginners (under 20 miles) and longer rides for more experienced cyclists.

Best weekend rides—Dulwich Paragon Cycling Club

The Dulwich Paragon Cycling club meets every Saturday morning at Herne Hill Velodrome for a 9 a.m. ride. The cyclists will leave in groups to meet the needs of all riders, including a conditioning ride averaging 26-27 kph, a medium-paced sociable ride, and a beginning pace for cyclists new to group riding. This ride lasts approximately 2 to 2.5 hours.
An early Saturday morning ride departs from Café St Germain at 8:30 a.m. Focused on training and endurance for advanced cyclists, this ride extends from 80 to 100 kilometres at an average pace of 25 kph.

Most alternative club—Rollapaluza

While members of Rollapaluza are proud to be known as laid-back cyclists based on their personalities, the club also boasts a substantial number of regional champions and cyclists that compete at the national and international levels. Its members compete in categories such as track, road, time trials, mountain biking, cross country and sportive, and Rollapaluza is affiliated with British Cycling and the CTT.
Members participate in club cycling runs and special events all over London throughout the year.
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Best road racing—Twickenham Cycling Club

Twickenham Cycling Club's strong tradition of road racing is exemplified by its many members and former members who have been national and world road racing champions. Twickenham's members regularly complete in local road races taking place on closed circuits, such as Hillingdon and Chertsey.
The Twickenham men's team competes in Surrey League and Southeast Road Race League events as well as other independent events. The ladies' team is active in the Women's National Team cycling series, finishing 2nd in 2008 and 3rd in 2007.
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Best track racing—Imperial Racing Team

Members of the Imperial Racing Team regularly compete at the Hillingdon Cycle Track in Hayes. With an emphasis on track racing, the Imperial holds regular races throughout the winter months.
Coaching is also available through Imperial Racing Team. These sessions are a great way to learn more about circuit racing and transition to cycling in a track setting.
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Best mountain biking—Epping Forest Mountain Riders

For the past 15 years, members of Epping Forest Mountain Riders have mountain biked the terrain from northeast London to Essex. The Epping Forest Mountain Riders are unique in that they do not consider themselves a club with membership requirements or fees; instead, they are a collection of mountain biking enthusiasts who simply enjoy biking together. The group has devolved into a group specifically for men and women over the age of 35. 
The Mountain Riders regularly ride through the forests of northeast London on Sunday mornings.
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Most established—Old Portilians Cycling Club

Founded in 1921, the Old Portilians Cycling Club has been active in all cycling disciplines for 90 years, even surviving through World War II. Members regularly compete in road racing and time trialling, as well as complete recreational cycles.

The Old Portilians meet on Saturdays at 10:15 a.m., Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and Tuesdays at 10 a.m. for club rides in south London.
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Most historical—Woolwich Cycling Club

Established in 1884, the original Woolwich Cycling Club members rode "penny-farthings," bicycles created with the large wheel in the front and small wheel in the back. Today, the club regularly cycles in events with modern bicycles, including road races, time trials, charity events and sportives. Two club rides take place every Sunday morning.

Best routes for scenery—Kingston Wheelers

Riding through the flora and fauna of Richmond Park, the Kingston Wheelers cycling routes offer some of the most stunning views of greater London. While cycling it is not uncommon to see hundreds of tree and plant species or to pass herds of deer.
The most expansive park in London at 2,500 acres, the park's flat grade allows cyclists to see for miles as they ride. The highest point of the route offers a stunning, unobstructed view of London skyline, including St. Paul's Cathedral at 12 miles away.

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Most members—Willesden Cycling Club

With more than 200 members, west London's Willesden Cycling Club is one of the largest cycling clubs in the entire United Kingdom. The club focuses on both competitive and recreational cycling outlets, with its members participating in all cycling disciplines, such as Audax, time trials, sportive, mountain biking, and road racing in addition to duathlon and triathlon events. Members regularly ride for fun in club rides that take place on Sundays.
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