Sport of the Month London Waterlow Park

About Waterlow Park

Waterlow Park, situated in North London, was given to the public by Sir Sidney Waterlow in 1889. The park is about 20 acres. It is a great place to go for a picnic on a warm spring or summer day. The park features ponds, walkways, and six tennis courts.

Waterlow Park is located on a sloping site that gives a wonderful view of the city. It is great for sitting out and reading or picnicking on summer days.
The park is bordered by Highgate Cemetery, which is famous for its mausoleums and gravestones. It is a nice place to walk around and soak in some history (the tomb of Karl Marx is in Highgate Cemetery).
The Waterlow Park Centre features arts and educational activities. It also has exhibitions, information and events.
There is a playground for children 6 and younger and the Upper Pond Nature Area. For more information about Waterlow Park, including opening and closing times as well as other happenings around the park, please visit the Waterlow Park website.

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