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What is Totally Sporty?

Totally Sporty is a new site dedicated to Londoners, who are looking to make more from their leisure time. By registering on the site you will be able to find a sport partner near you, whether you are looking for a casual game of tennis or squash, take up a new sport together, find someone to train with for an event or even someone to cycle to work with. There are over 85 sports to choose from and when registering you can specify what level you are and whether you are interested in individual or team sports.


The site also allows you to set up a sports team, so if you are looking to play some basketball down in your local park, or play a mixed game of hockey, you can actively find other interested players.


Totally Sporty also contains the most comprehensive and up-to-date directory of sport clubs and venues in the London area, ideal if you are looking to join your local tennis, horse riding, running, salsa or football club. There are over 140 swimming clubs/venues, 190 gyms and leisure centres, 290 tennis locations, and more than 75 golf clubs to choose from. Simply by inputting your postcode, you see a detailed description of the club you are interested in, find out the exact distance, and see on a map how to get there!


Every few months we'll feature a new sport and give you all the information you'll need to know about taking part. We'll help answer all your questions about getting started, what benefits you can expect, what equipment you'll need, where you can participate and how to get more info. In the Summer months, we'll be focusing on the popular sports like tennis, sailing, swimming and golf; in Autumn and Winter we'll show case running, netball, indoor climbing, squash and get you in the mood for some skiing and snowboarding in the mountains.


Why Totally Sporty?

Even though London has a thriving, large population and there are hundreds of parks and recreational areas around the city, it can be surprisingly difficult to meet new people who share an interest in sport. The vision for Totally Sporty is to provide an easy and effective way for individuals to be active in London, find and engage with new people and make more from their leisure time.




How do I join?

The site is open to anyone who lives in the London area and free to use. Simply click on the red REGISTER button on the top right hand corner (or the link below) and you will be taken through easy steps.


Step 1 -

Add some basic details about yourself, including your name, address and contact email.

Step 2 -

You will now be sent a confirmation email with a link for you to activate your account. Clicking on the link will open a new browser window where you can add your screen name and a brief profile description about yourself. You can also upload a photo of yourself.

Step 3 -

Choose what sports you are interested and what level you are at.

Step 4 -

Lastly choose your subscription level and complete the process. You are now ready to look for sports partners near you, message them and much more!!!


How much does it cost?


We only charge a small fee to join Totally Sporty (London’s leading sport website), which means you have full access to the site, can search for other people with the same sport interests and make contact.


Save £60 and join for a year.


Our rates are only:

£30 for 3 months access (the equivalent of 32p per day)

£60 for 12 months access (the equivalent of 16p per day)


What happens if I don't receive my confirmation email?

If you do not receive your confirmation email in your inbox, please check your "junk" or "spam" folder as it may be there. We recommend that you mark the email addresses [email protected] and [email protected] as NOT spam so they are recognised email addresses.


You may also wish to add these email addresses as 'Contacts' to avoid spam filters blocking future emails from Totally Sporty.


How do I contact Totally Sporty?

Please complete the Contact Us form and let us know your feedback and any questions you may have. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Uploading Photos

You must upload an image that has one of the following file extensions: .gif, .jpeg, .jpe or .jpg. The image must be RGB in colour. It can be no larger than 1 MB in file size and have dimensions of 1024px by 768px or less in either landscape or portrait orientation.


Images downloaded from cameras normally have a very high resolution so they can be printed, but they need to be reduced in size for the web. To resize an image, we recommend downloading Picasa, which is free from Google and easy to use: http://picasa.google.co.uk





Download Picasa (scan all photos)


Select photo for upload, choose Export to folder from File menu


Give folder a name and choose image quality: Normal


This will typically reduce the photo size to around 200KB.


Further info can be found under http://www.pinelake-marketing.com/picasa-tutorial/picasa-tutorial-resize-image.html


Browser compatibility

The site is best viewed using Internet Explorer 7.0 (and above) and Mozilla Firefox 3.5 (and above)


What about site etiquette?

We hope that you really enjoy using this site, make some great contacts and friends in London, and have lots of fun along the way!! Please make good use of the site, tell your friends about it and be courteous to other members on the site by replying to emails. Please see our Terms & Conditions for full details of usage of the site.



Will other members be able to see my personal details?

No. Your email address, name, address, date of birth etc are all strictly private and not accessible. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details.


How do I leave the site?

If you are leaving London, would like your account temporarily disabled or deleted, please email [email protected]. You may be asked to provide us with some brief feedback before your account is deleted.


If you would like your account reactivated at any time, please email the team at [email protected]