Sport of the Month London Running- lunch time runs

For many, not exercising is merely a result of not finding the time to do it. Waking up extra early to go on a run is hard and so is going for a run after working for eight or more hours.

So, one alternative is to go for runs during your lunch break. It breaks up the day and gets you up and active instead of sitting for the entire work day.

Great running routes in London

Here are three lunch-time running routes for you to try. All of these routes use St. Paul's Cathedral as the starting point.

1. Along river, past Embankment, to St James and Green park: Starting at St. Paul's, run south towards the River Thames.
Run along the north bank of the river until you get to the Westminster bridge. Turn west and run until you get to St. James Park or you can continue into Green Park. The run is approximately 2.3 miles long each way.

2. Run to Southwark Park: Starting at St. Paul's, run south west towards London Bridge. Run across London Bridge from the north bank to the south bank.
Continue running south west on Jamaica Rd. towards Southwark Park.  The run is approximately 2.8 miles long.

3. Run to Vauxhall Bridge and back: Starting at St. Paul's, run towards the River Thames and run west along the north bank.
Continue running along the north bank, past Embankment, towards Westminster Bridge. Cross Westminster Bridge and continue running along the Thames
on the south bank. Run towards the Vauxhall Bridge. Cross the Vauxhall Bridge and run along the north bank all the way back to St. Paul's.
The run is approximately 5.8 miles long round trip.

There are many other routes that can be run during an hour long lunch break.

There are also shorter routes possible. It doesn't matter what route you run, just make sure you are getting out there and getting active.

Where to find running clubs in London

Use the Find a Sport Club/Venue directory on Totally Sporty to find your nearest cycling club in London. There are currently over 45 excellent running clubs dotted around London to choose from. Here you will find lots of useful information on each running club, including where they are based, when they meet for club runs, interesting route information and lots more…..