Sport of the Month London Best London Triathlon Clubs

The sport of triathlon is becoming increasingly popular in the London area with the city’s accessible cycling and running trails and swimming pools. The combination of three separate activities provides an intense work-out for the entire body while also allowing the athlete to enjoy three different types of sport.
Totally Sporty offers a list of the best triathlon clubs in London to help all triathletes find the best club to suit their needs and interest. Organised by region, this list is convenient for finding the club nearest you.

North London—Tri London Triathlon Club

While Tri London is a triathlon club open to both beginning and serious tri-athletes, the club also participates in various other events—cross country racing, open-water swimming, cycling races, time trials and adventure racing. The Tri London triathletes are always looking for a new challenge for competition and fitness fun.
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Central London—Clapham Chasers Running & Triathlon Club

Founded in 2005, a major focus of the Clapham Chasers Running and Triathlon Club is training for events. Training sessions are available weekly for cycling, running and swimming and experienced members of the club are willing to provide advice and tips for new triathletes.
As a member of the British Triathlon Association and London Triathlon League, the Clapham Chasers regularly compete in triathlon events in the London area.
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South London—Windrush Tri Triathlon Club

Windrush Tri is a south London triathlon, duathlon and adventure club that regularly trains in Balham, Clapham, Dulwich, Herne Hill, and London Bridge.
The club offers regular coaching sessions to prepare for races as well as one-on-one training to meet individual needs. Windrush Tri is one of the most active clubs in London with general runs, swims and cycles as well as coached sessions available daily.
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West London—Ful-on Tri Triathlon Club

Ful-on Tri Club offers many training options for event preparation. Interval training for both cycling and running take place once per week, while un-coached distance swims, runs and cycles are offered every Saturday and Sunday. Thursdays are dedicated to high impact swim, spin, run and core classes to build endurance.
The club regularly races in events throughout the UK as members of the Surrey Cross Country League, Triathlon London League and UK National Triathlon League.

Southwest London—Kingfisher Triathletes Triathlon Club

Kingfisher Triathletes is a friendly triathlon club based in Kingston-upon-Thames in southwest London open to triathletes of all abilities. The Kingfisher Triathletes offer three coached sessions for swimming and cycling throughout the week while weekends are dedicated to group runs and cycles.
Founded in 1984, the club is well-established with 60 to 80 members per year. Some members have even raced nationally and internationally in the National Grand Prix Series and in events in Hawaii and Germany.
Kingfisher Triathletes annually host the Morden 6n6 series, part of the London League series.
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Southeast London—Crystal Palace Triathlon Club

With more than 150 members, Crystal Palace offers three coached swim nights during the week, club runs on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, and group cycling sessions on Sunday mornings.
Many members train for national and world events, such as the National Championship at Shropshire. Club championship events include sprint, standard, middle and long distance.