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Despite having lived in Putney and Kingston for the last 10 years or so, I am still discovering new and exciting running routes which I have never tried before. It really is a running mecca with excellent scenery comprising the river Thames and the beautiful Richmond park and the more rugged Wimbledon Common.

I wanted to share these with the TotallySporty community, as there is a good mix here, ideal for runners looking for a change of scene. All these routes have been tracked on the garmin fit app, so you can easily access the routes and try them yourself.

I have always been a big fan of running in Richmond Park and despite regularly doing laps (running around the perimeter is officially 11.7km), I never seem to tire of the scenery, what with all the different colours depending on the season (the bright reds/browns in Autumn are always a favourite) Also the track is soft, sandy and compact, so it's easy on the joints and less stiff than running on the roads, therefore great for those needing to do a longer run for their marathon training.

That said here goes with the top 5 running routes, combining the river, Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common.

Top 5 runs around Kingston and Richmond

Starting in Kingston

1- For the waterbabies with a touch of Hampton Court
Distance- 17.5
Moderate- flat running route with a good distance

Run route summary-
Kingston- Teddington Lock-Kingston- Hampton Court- Hampton Hill- Teddington- Kingston

Starting at the market square in Kingston, head out along the river Thames through Canbury Park, at Teddington lock, cross over the footbridge, head along Broomfield Road (its a long one, but lots of interesting distractions to occupy your mind including Teddington Studios, tennis club and sailing clubs.
At Kingston bridge, follow Hampton Court road (good wide path) which follows Bushy Park to Hampton Court Palace (great lights at night), then turn right at the roundabout and carry on running along Hampton Court Rd (alongside Bushy Park), take a right down Hampton Hill high street.
At the crossroads, with Park Road, take a right down Hampton Road and follow road into Teddington, right down Queen Road, continue along Sandy Lane (Bushy Park is on your right). Finish the run at Kingston bridge.

Full route details:

2- For the adventurers looking for a longer challenge. Ideal prep for marathon.
Distance- 31k
Moderate/ Hard- some hills to climb but rewarded with amazing scenery

Run route summary-
Kingston- Teddington Lock- Ham- Richmond Park (Ham gate to Robin Hood gate)- Wimbledon Common- Wimbledon Village- outskirts of Putney- Roehampton- Richmond Park

Start the run in Kingston Centre, follow the river past the Boaters Inn pub, direction Ham, head away from the river at Ham House, enter Richmond Park through Ham gate, climb up the wee hill to the tarmac park in the centre of the park, follow to the cafe at the car park (near the Ponds)
Take a right and run down to Robin Hood gate, cross the A3, proceed into Wimbledon Common, then follow Beverley brook (small stream on your right). This is the first real feeling you get of doing a trail run in London! Follow Copse Road uphill (this will test your determination and resilience), carry on into Wimbledon Village.
This is the 20k mark and a convenient place for a coffee (Cafe Neros is popular- free papers and essential free water), exit the village and run along Wimbledon Common (on your left) , enter the foot tunnel by the large roundabout, direction Putney, follow the hill downwards by Putney Heath, take a left down Westleigh Avenue, go to the very end and you will hit Putney Park Lane (traffic free footpath) Go right down this path, left on Upper Richmond Road, left down Priory Lane, enter Richmond Park at Roehampton gate, cross park to Richmond gate where the run finishes. Well done for getting this far!!

Full route details:

3- The 3 bridges run. Kingston, Hampton Court and Richmond
Distance- 20km
Easy/ Moderate- flat route along river

Full route details:

Starting in Richmond Park

4- River loop from Kew bridge to Putney
Distance- 23.6k

Full route details:

5- Cafe culture in Barnes. Kingston gate to Barnes to Richmond
Distance- 21km

Full route details:
Best runs in Kingston & Richmond

Top 5 runs to try out!

1- River run to Hampton Court
2- The river and parks- Richmond Park, Wimbledon Common
3- The 3 bridge run
4- River loop to Kew bridge and Putney
5- Barnes for Cafe culture
Best runs in Kingston & Richmond