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Totally Sporty is the leading sports website for Londoners looking to make more from their leisure time.

It's a one-stop shop for all your sport needs, covering a diverse range of sports and enables you to find your nearest sport partner and sport club/venue. Whether you are looking to try out some new cycling routes, enjoy a paddle along the Thames, take up a new sport, find a tennis partner or indulge in some hot Latin dancing, there's something for everyone.

Registering on the site is quick and very easy. Once you select which sports you like (over 85 to choose from!), you will be able to search and email other people with the same interests.

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Sports Leaderboard:

The Top 7 Sport Partners. On our website we have...

462 Running partners
416 Tennis partners
407 Cycling partners
345 Badminton partners
298 Squash partners
243 Football partners
232 Swimming partners
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quotation marks I always wanted to do watersports and now Ive found windsurfing quotation marks


question mark  Sporting Fact...

In cricket, a batsman can be given out by being "caught", "bowled", "stumped", "run out", "lbw" (leg before wicket), or by "hit wicket" the batsman accidently knocks the bails off the stumps.


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